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"Maisy works elegantly and weightlessly on the rope.... There’s even a quality of languor – it’s refreshing to see someone take their time, enjoying the height and surveying the space. I enjoyed the lovely extensions and the quality of her movement. And she was engaged with her content – alive with subtle emotional shifts."

         - Jacek Scarso, Elastic Theatre

"A beautifully simple concept that captures the comfort in privacy. Taylor’s aerial routine develops the notion of beauty in solitude in how she appears to lie down and float in mid-air. It is simply magic."

         -Sam Lowe, The reviews hub


“Maisy Taylor used a large rope to scale amazing heights

and contort into gravity defying positions”
          - Jenni Dixon, The Public Reviews




“The two rope artists performed a beautiful display of

their strength and talent”
       - Sophie Fenella Robins, What’s on at the Fringe



“Melancholy rope work... Beautiful in its sadness and the

simplicity of its imagery; and like the tableaux, felt genuinely inspired by the lives of its teenage stars”
        - Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru

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