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I am a highly skilled aerialist, artist, teacher, model and actress with a love of contemporary performance.


I want to understand how the human body can be used to ask and answer questions, and how words and ideas translate into movement. I am most at home in the place where theory meets live performance. 

Most of my work centres around sexuality and its place in modern society and culture. I've worked as a cabaret performer in London's strip clubs and night clubs, become an experienced art nude model and shibari performer, acted in an Erika Lust film, and I co-wrote, co-devised and performed in Everything I See I Swallow, an award winning circus theatre show exploring themes of empowerment, sexual expression and censorship. 

I was born into a circus family and have been performing since I was very young, graduating with a First Class Honors Degree from the National Centre for Circus Arts in 2015


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